Adsense Calendar


Adsense Calendar is a part of Google calendar where you will get all the data related to your adsense account including the next payment schedule, Archived Official Adsense Blog Posts, Upcoming events from Google and Adsense, Maintenance and Updates etc. This is really helpful to gather all your Google Data in a single place. Once you are setup your calendar, the Adsense events will show up in orange color bars.
You can also import you data from other calendar services like Apple iCal or Microsoft Outlook, you can also import data from a CSV file.
Here is how you can access Adsense Calender:

1. Click on this Link. (You will need to login using your existing Adsense login and password)
2. Once logged in, click on “Yes, Add this Calendar“.
3. You should now see AdSense Calendar events listed on your Google Calendar.