Adsense Revenue Sharing


What is Revenue Sharing
According to Wikipedia, Revenue sharing is the sharing of profits and losses between the general partner(s) and limited partners in a limited partnership. More generally, it refers to the practice of sharing profits with a company’s employees, or between companies in a business alliance.
What is Adsense Revenue Sharing
Its nothing but the sharing of revenue earned by a site with its owner and user from displaying Adsense ads. There are different sites and blogs like DP, WMW offers this. The percentage of the sharing is solely determined by the respective webmaster of that site. You can earn from 0% to 100% of the revenue depending on the sharing ratio of that site.

How it works?
Once you setup everything to participate in the sharing program, the ads on the site will show ads with your publisher ID where you have participated. Like, in a forum, if you have made a new thread, the visitors of that thread will see your ads. When You revisit that thread, you will see ads from the owner or a randomly choosed member who also have participated for revenue sharing and replied in your thread. You will never see your own ads in any circumstances. This is made to obey the Adsense TOS. Similarly, when you make a post in a blog where the sharing of Adsense Revenue is enabled, you will get paid when someone visit that post or comment on it.

How can I participate in Revenue Sharing?
Firstly, you need to be a member of the site which is offering the share of revenue. Then anywhere in User Control Panel, you will have a option to input your publisher ID. Enter it and save the option. Its as easy as that.