Communication in the virtual world

For many people, communication on the Web is often related to a mismatch of self-esteem and the level of claims. If self-esteem is not very high and the level of claim is high, then this person on the web is very good. He manifests himself as a virtual character, in a sense superman, who, being in a role, can much, the role gives protection. But under the mask is a vulnerable person with all the protective mechanisms that do not allow to go into real communication.

And love involves a very tight contact, if it is any. In this sense the Network gives protected space where this love can be shown as much as it, in principle, is possible for the given person. With indian matchmaking, you can find the other half without much trouble.

There’s another aspect. Sometimes the feelings that arise in a virtual relationship are also due to the fact that at one time a person is desperate or has refused to interact with people in order to regulate their states, he has abandoned people as unreliable, uncontrollable and unmanageable, and has chosen subjects that are more manageable. This is about the same as using mood-altering chemicals, i.e. drugs. You don’t want to deal with people, they are unreliable, you better use them to regulate some specific states with a chemical. Both virtual reality and virtual love provide a more convenient means to regulate some effects in this person’s life than real people can provide.

This is not about love, not about love, this is about self-regulation. Although those who focus on self-regulation, rather choose not dating and virtual love, and some special forms of communication. For example, computer games on the Web. In games, the interaction is very strongly regulated and then it is this interaction, it is this effect allows you to regulate.

People who enter into a virtual relationship, trust your virtual partner, and trust unreasonably, because they have no significant reason for such trust. If you want to dating girls then Internet dating is certainly the best solution, but you must clearly understand who exactly you are trying to find on such a site.

Virtual partner exists, above all, in our head. Confidence in this virtual partner is trust in yourself. You delegate some of the qualities to another person, complete his own image and it turns out to be particularly suitable for you, in order to trust him. If you have the goal to get acquainted, then you will unconsciously look for what you want to find. In fact, in reality we are constantly confronted with all this, not just on the Internet.

There is also a known effect of a “travel companion on the train” when we are communicating on the Internet, when we have a person with whom we know we will never meet, who will not affect our lives in any way. We can tell him a lot of stories that would otherwise never be told. It’s hard for a person to exist with all these secrets and stories. So the load of emotionally charged stories we want to share with someone, safe listeners are chosen for this. On the Web, we also choose a character that seems to us manageable enough, because the computer can be turned off, a person can be removed from “friends” on a social network, in general, one way or another, to interrupt contact.  We can very conveniently share something, so that then maybe the abyss disappears for good, at least as it seemed at the beginning.

Online dating has already helped many people. They really do provide an opportunity to find someone who is always ready to listen to you and support you. But behind such communication can hide something deeper.