How to Write a Good Creative Essay?

The essay is one of the most unusual assignments that teachers give students. The fact is that it is the most creative assignment, which involves expressing your own thoughts and experiences about the posed problem or questions. In this article, we will explain how to write an essay yourself. We will provide instructions that will help you prepare your work faster. 

How to start a theme essay

The ability to write an essay correctly and competently can say a lot about its author. This small prose work says how much a young professional or student will be able to express his or her opinion, reveal the essence of the problem, and how bright, clear and informative he or she will do it. As a rule, the essay is written on a completely free topic, although it can be strictly specified. Its volume is not large. The main task of writing an essay is to express the author’s individual impression and opinion on a particular problem or issue. However, an exhaustive answer is not required here. Only personal reflection on what has been read, seen or heard, in any style.

But even the supposed freedom of creativity in essay writing does not always turn out to be an easy task. Even traditional material must be presented in an original way with an unconventional view of the problem, so it is definitely necessary to know about how to write an essay correctly.

Basic points

So how to write a narrative essay for college? It is important to understand that the author is primarily required to clearly state the essence of a particular problem, its analysis and conclusions. But, we can say, your success in writing this text will directly depend on the quality of sources, the level of their processing and competent argumentation. The quality of sources is not indicated by their number. There may be fewer of them, but if they are directly related to your topic and have different points of view based on your own research, such sources will provide a quality and structured framework for future material. The depth of the author’s immersion in a particular topic is left to his personal discretion, but it is better to try to cover it in its entirety. But it is necessary to keep in mind the volume, because if it is too large, the level of lightness of the genre may decrease.

Questions to ask when writing an essay: what is the difference between an essay and an article?

To understand how to write an essay yourself, you need first of all to determine what its peculiarities are. For example, an article is very similar to an essay, but are they the same? An essay differs from an article according to several criteria.

First, the writing style may not necessarily be scholarly or bookish. An essay allows the use of a conversational style in the blotches in the text. Terminology may be absent from the essay at all. Whereas an article must necessarily use terms, concepts and categories as often as possible. A scientific article is distinguished by the investigation of a scientific problem. The student should highlight the problem he/she has chosen, show the subject of his/her research and draw conclusions. In an essay, it is not necessary to deepen the problem. It is only necessary to tell about his thoughts and impressions on some occasion.

For example, an article is always a definite answer to a question about some object. An essay is a reasoning and a process of diving into an object in order to define it, i.e. there are no definite answers here. The topics of an essay and an article are almost indistinguishable, but the text when writing will be completely different. In an essay, you need to express the subjectivity of your views, i.e. to show your “self”, while in an article, you need to be as objective as possible and explore the subject using scientific methods. Thus, to write an essay, you need to think about the topic, develop your opinion and then express it on a piece of paper. 

What percentage of uniqueness should an essay have?

The percentage of uniqueness of the essay should be high. A figure of more than 90% is accepted. This is explained by the fact that the essay is quite a creative work, which obliges you to write the text yourself. After all, in this work you need to tell specifically your thoughts, your reasoning and give your assessment on the topic. If you have any problems with writing an essay, and you have downloaded a ready-made version, we recommend that you increase the uniqueness of the text and reread the work several times. That way you will definitely be able to write and pass the essay on excellent.

Let’s summarize. Today we have considered with you what an essay is and how to write it yourself. It is not difficult work, it is important only to understand the essence of the topic and develop your own assessment and opinion. If you find it difficult to express your judgment, you can use the help of an economic essay writing service.