Pokémon Go : a new social phenomenon

‘A man dies in a car crash trying to catch Pikachu’, or people going into other people’s homes and gardens to catch some rare pokemon specie, or even people quitting their job to become pokemon trainers. This augmented reality mobile application forced all the couch potatoes to go outside and take a walk in their neighborhood. Personally, I don’t know if this should be described as funny or just sad. But one thing is sure: it is a successful digital madness! 2 weeks after its launch, Pokemon Go captured more than 20 million active users, composed of children and adults.

Before that phenomenon exploded, people crossed the road while texting. Today, they do it while looking for Charmander. This madness touches everyone: businesses, agencies and individuals. There is even a term that was born from this : Pokéconomy. Businesses are trying to find Lure Models such as promotions or events, to monetize this phenomenon.

This is a very interesting spectacle to look at and analyze. However, sometimes we cannot really bypass or explain a trend with rational arguments. People either love it or hate it. Here at Visionary Marketing, we have very different views about Pokémon Go. Some try to catch them all while at work, and other think it’s a complete waste of time. So, we decided to share with you our personal opinion about this phenomenon.

But before we get to that, let me just to give you a quick overview of the numbers: