The future of content marketing at the eZ conference

On October 5th 2016, Yann Gourvennec will be at the ‘Beyond the Web’ conference by eZ System and he will be talking about the evolution of content marketing, social media and word of mouth marketing. His speech will be interactive and very interesting: the audience will be composed of marketeers and people with a more technical background.
eZ System (transparency : they were our client in 2015) is the editor of eZ Publish, one of the top CMS in the world.
eZ has a great expertise in 4 domains:
  1. Content management: Clients have the freedom to build, expand and customise their content according to their brands and its needs
  2. Content as a service: eZ clients can get their content across many channels and platforms: That’s what makes the difference with traditional CMS platforms.
  3. Digital marketing: In terms of Digital Marketing, one can create and manage content wisely. This content can be then used across channels (desktop, tablet, mobile, IoT etc.). eZ systems allow their customers to schedule their content and dynamise it.
  4. E-commerce: Engagement with clients throughout the customers journey is key. It is also a competitive advantage for businesses. eZ is a tool to build this kind of relationship between a brand and its clients. E-commerce brands can also easily manage their store (product catalog, editorial content, etc.)