Why do you have to buy a house in Girona?

Girona – one of the most investment-attractive cities in Spain. If you want to buy a home on the Costa Brava, the choice in favor of this medieval city, abounding in sights and attracting tourists at any time of year, will be right. Why? Let’s talk about the benefits in this article. 

What does every investor expect when investing in real estate? There are several options: a stable income from renting out, the possibility of comfortable recreation or seasonal / permanent residence, profitable resale of purchased property after some time. illiquid property – the one that will not be profitable to rent out, or the one that will be difficult to sell later. And, of course, if an apartment or villa is bought for your own residence, above all, its comfort is important. What is the situation with these criteria in Girona? In a word, it’s positive. Here is not only a wide range of houses and apartments for every taste, but almost every option is reliable in terms of liquidity. If you are looking for luxury real estate in Spain, it is worth checking this link https://yes-mallorca-property.com/offers/typeprop/villa/.

The proximity to Barcelona

No matter how you twist it, it’s one of the most important factors. From Girona it takes only an hour and a half to get to Barcelona, and this is by public transport, from morning until late evening. Your own car makes it even easier. Thus, you can count on all the benefits of civilization and the advantages of the metropolis, living from it only an hour and a half away. However, they are fully available in the city itself. At the same time, the cost of housing in Girona is lower than in the capital of Catalonia, as well as prices for food, lunch in restaurants – any items are less than in the metropolis.

Infrastructure development

Girona is a small town by modern standards, but it is 100% developed. There are hypermarkets, hospitals, banks, sports clubs, a lot of restaurants and other establishments for solving household tasks and recreation. All this is complemented by an incredibly wide range of cultural facilities: museums, galleries, etc. And this can boast not every city with a population of up to 100 thousand people. In addition, there is also an international airport, and if you consider the proximity of Barcelona, there are two. These factors – something to be guided when buying a home anywhere in the first place. Whether you are going to rent out your property or live on your own, hospitals, shops, cultural facilities for interesting leisure, the proximity of the metropolis is very important. But there is another nuance – the climate.

Some of the best climate conditions on the Costa Brava

Because of its geographical location, Girona does not suffer from heavy rainfall during the winter and off-season, and in summer there is no exhausting heat. The climate is temperate, mild and pleasant. It is not colder than +10 in winter and not hotter than +25 in summer. It is also one of the sunniest cities in Catalonia. It will be comfortable for everyone with any chronic diseases and health features.

Demand among tourists

Living in Girona is convenient and comfortable, renting out accommodation is easy. Thanks to the huge tourist attractiveness there is always a large flow of visitors. This city with an impressive cultural and historical heritage is considered one of the most visited by tourists in Catalonia. For the same reasons, it will not be difficult to resell accommodation after a while. According to data for 2017, the tourist flow has increased by 6.53% compared to 2016. This is given some of the current political instability associated with the region’s desire for independence. When the situation is resolved, even higher growth rates can be expected.