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Now, I know you might be thinking, “Recording studio? What does that have to do with modern internet users?”. Well recording studios are not only used by musicians and composers, but also by podcasters, radio stations, and many other fields in order to record something to reach another person. While most internet use audio can be done in the privacy of your home, for bigger productions or a more professional experience, it may be necessary to find a recording studio. Here are the top 4 things to look for in a recording studio.

1. The Right Person

Too often an artist tends to price shop before they people shop and this can get them in tremendous trouble. Now, while it isn’t necessary to simply pick the highest price person and put your trust in them, it is important that you find the right person or group to work with. You don’t want to work with someone who has no passion for music or sharing audio but rather treats the studio like a… well, like a job. You want to find someone who is passionate about mixing and listening to music and audio. Who loves the actual recording studio process and not just as 9-5 way to pay the bills. In addition to passion, they must also have competence. You want an engineer/producer/mixer who is exceptional at what they do and is passionate about doing it.

2. The Facility/Room

Are you bringing in a full piece band for recording? Is the studio able to fit that many people and instruments?   Or are you instead just a one man show or doing a voiceover project with the bare amount of people. You need to choose a studio that fits your needs. For instance, Blue House Productions has two recording studios Maryland. The first boasts 4 rooms for different sizes and needs of complete isolation. Their other recording studio is a very large soundstage and acts more like a stage production complete with room for filming and large ensembles. You also want to make sure the rooms you look at offer complete isolation and sound proofing in order to capture your perfect sound and keep out any other sound.

3. Equipment

When used correctly, higher quality recording equipment contributes to better sounding recordings. This is true for both full piece bands and one man productions. Better quality equipment can result in better quality recordings and therein a better product for the consumer. What are the most important pieces of equipment you might ask? Keep an eye out for high quality microphones, mic preamps, outboard gear and plugins if you prefer digital recording as opposed to analog. Focus on the important aspects and don’t get swept up in the plethora of other equipment they may have. The basics are still the basics and happen to be the most important.

4. Price

While many may look to price first, the truth is that you get what you pay for overall. Yes, you can certainly get a great recording at less than luxury rates, but also realize that if you’re paying the cheapest rate…..well, it will more than likely be one of the cheapest qualities as well. Take time to look at the first 3 points before you worry about the price. Once you have a list of recording studios that fit the top 3 requirements, then you can start to work on the price. Some places have hard prices put into place, buy many will work with you to find a common meeting ground that both fits your needs and theirs.

Entering a recording studio may seem like an overwhelming task, but remember that the basics are still the basics and are the most important for a great sounding track. Whether you have a full band or a one man show, taking the time to find the recording studios that meet all of the requirements will give you a much better experience and product. Here’s to happy recording!

Making The Most Out Of Your Google Search

Google is everyone’s favorite search engine these days. Just ask any SEO Park City expert, Google is King of the Internet. If you were born after 1975, you probably learned how to use the internet in elementary school, right after those typing classes. (Remember endless repetitions of ‘b-a-d, c-a-d, d-a-b’ etc?) That was fun. Even more fun is getting the answers you want just by typing a few words in a search bar.

For those of us born before computer classes were the norm before puberty, searching the internet can seem frustrating. Knowing how to use keywords and locations is a big part of crafting a successful internet search. Here, we will discuss the easiest ways to get what you came for, when you visit Google.com.

Searching For Services Successfully

If you’re looking for a restaurant, professional service, or place, there is a great formula you can follow. First, type the service you want in the search bar, followed by the approximate location you are looking for. Below are some examples:

  • thai food salt lake city
  • lawn mowers fort lauderdale
  • chiropractor marin county’
  • organic pet food detroit

Notice how proper nouns are not capitalize. This is because search engines do not really care about your grammar skills. If you had typed “Thai food in Salt Lake City” you would get the same result as the keyword based example above. So save time and keystrokes by doing the bare minimum here!

Finding Directions

Just go to Google Maps. You can enter your starting location and then the business name, street address, or keyword for the destination. You will generate a turn-by-turn list of street directions which can be catered to bus routes, walking, biking or driving.